Meet the Boutique

Discover Your Style Journey with Rustic Vanity Boutique!

Hello and Welcome! We're thrilled that you're here. I'm Stella Martin, the heart behind Rustic Vanity Boutique, and I invite you to join us on a unique style journey. At RVB, we believe style is a personal voyage of self-expression and growth. My own journey led me to step away from a 20-year career in tax, bringing us to the creation of Rustic Vanity Boutique.

My family includes my husband, our four amazing children (three now adults) and three adorable pugs. Consider us your style companions, always ready to journey through the world of fashion and life by your side.

Beyond the racks and shelves, RVB is a celebration of individuality. We curate pieces that reflect your personal style evolution – whether you're in the comfort zone or embracing the extraordinary.

As a mother, I aim to teach my children that the path to fulfillment is as varied as your wardrobe choices. As the founder of RVB, I welcome you to embark on your style journey with us. Expect quality, affordability, and a team dedicated to excellent customer service.

Thank you for considering Rustic Vanity Boutique as your style partner. We're excited to be part of your style journey. 

Happy shopping!