Why the Neoprene Oversized Tote??

Why the Neoprene Oversized Tote??

Whether you are running errands, meeting up with friends or traveling the Neoprene Oversized Tote is the perfect bag! Let’s start with the obvious reasons why we love the Neoprene Oversized Tote!  

The Neoprene Oversized Tote is trendy, durable and there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from. It features a magnetic closure, multiple internal pockets for plenty of storage, and comes with a matching wristlet that is detachable. And as the name implies, it is oversized with plenty of room for personal items. Now for the not so obvious reasons……

Neoprene is an extremely versatile fabric. It is a thick and cushioned fabric that will give added protection to any valuable and delicate items you may be carrying, such as a phone or laptop. Neoprene is flexible and stretchy, which means you can carry some of those extra items with you. Neoprene is lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion! Remember the detachable wristlet….perfect for carrying unmentionables while traveling so you won’t have to carry your entire bag to the restroom!  Neoprene is also heat resistant, waterproof and weatherproof making it the perfect bag to carry to the beach! And speaking of the beach, don’t worry if your sunscreen spills in your bag, Neoprene is machine washable!! That’s right, I said machine washable! Which also makes it the perfect gym bag!! The best part, Neoprene is soft and light so you won’t get a sore neck or shoulders carrying it around town for long hours.

Bottom line, the Neoprene Oversized tote is a purchase you won’t regret!! 


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